Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 1

New blog. My paper journal has no more blank pages and I feel the need to blab. Its March. That means I need to find a summer job soon. And think about housing. And where I'm going to live this summer. Which also makes me think about the future. My 3D design teacher suggested that we all come up with 5 year and 10 year plans. So that's what I will attempt to do right now. I'll include both personal and career related topics.

2009-2010 (age 23/24)
Finish my second year in the furniture design program. Start making connections and figuring out what's going to happen after I graduate. Find a good summer job. Erick graduates from medschool.

2010-2011 (24/25)
Finish 3rd year in the program, graduate. Work for a furniture design studio/company/some sort of design company while further developing my own personal style and figuring out what goes into running a studio/design company. Move in with Erick once I've graduated (hopefully in Toronto, maybe Hamilton, depending on where he wants to go/gets in to for residency).

2011-2012 (25/26)
Continue working for someone else, while making more connections and more firm plans about if/when/what sort of studio I want to set up on my own.

2012-2013 (26/27)
If the job is good, I could continue working for someone else, paying off debts, saving money. 

2013-2014 (27/28)
Ditto as previous year. After this year Erick will probably have completed his (probably 5 year) residency, and thus will be making money and perhaps another move will be in order. In which case 2014-2015 (28/29) could be the logical time (in terms of monetary stability) to take a risk with my own studio. But then again I don't want to be a fuddy duddy and avoid risks for too long. So who knows. Five year plan my bum.

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