Saturday, March 7, 2009

Still day 1...

...but I am killing time on the internet while Erick is at a volleyball tournament until 2:30. Then we're heading to Oakville to relieve Jack the kitten of his loneliness. Though Erick really wants to go for all you can eat sushi first. We'll see about that.

I flip flop about blogs all the time. They're so ubiquitous. And I'd be hypocritical to dislike them cause I read my faves on a regular basis. But they're basically all design or food blogs. Not really personal ones. I think personal ones should be personal. I like having a blog just because I find it faster and easier for me to type things out than write them by hand. But then I regret not having a handwritten journal, cause really, it feels more substantial and special. Whatever. I'm just going to get over it and keep writing.

So here are some of the things I have on etsy maintenant.

I've sold 2 pieces now, one Eames lounge chair, and one custom Louis XV chair. I consider this whole etsy thing to be more a fun on the side hobby than a lucrative business, but it is fun to actually sell things on occasion. I think I might put some little zippy pouches up as well. I was in the process of making a fun one the other day when the needle on my machine broke. Ah well.

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