Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have officially ironed out all of the annoying kinks in my table, and I'm basically all ready to spray the piece tomorrow! Finally! Its a wonderful thing. I am so happy. 

Today was a good day in general. We were given our final assignment for our furniture studio class. We have to design and make a prototype dining chair. I have basically no ideas yet, but I'm excited to start a new project. 

Then Peter (teacher) helped me solve a major problem I've been trying to fix all week with my table top. So I fixed it, and was able to FINALLY glue it together. It is good now. Only one sloppy-ish mitre (out of 7). So that's good. Then a few of us drove to Missisauga to go to Burrito Boyz for dinner. DELICIOUS. Then I won a bet that Spencer Krug is the lead singer of Sunset Rubdown. Then I got a ride home from school, and checked the mail and got both my birth control prescription renewal in the mail (I lost it and had to have it mailed to me), and my blank nesting dolls!!! Yeah! Good day.

On an unrelated note, I LOVE this lace stenciled floor. I so badly want to do this somewhere. It'd be awesome done on a cement floor in a studio. Or a bathroom. Or a mudroom. Or ANY room.

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