Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Houses, townhouses, apartments, houses

Yay! Erick found a cool place to live on his own and is going for it! That's exciting on its own, but it also means that my summer housing situation is solved. Woohoo! That above pic is a pooie one he took of the living room. Woohoo fireplace!

Makes me think of how many times I've moved. Let's look back....

1. Into res at Guelph
2. Back to Thornhill
3. Into shitty shitty house on Cole Rd
4. Back to Thornhill
5. Into good house on Terraview
7. Back to Thornhill
8. Into convenient apartment on Wyndham
9. To Hamilton in Dromore sublet/ Erick's room
10. To Oakville, Glenashton Dr.

WOW. 10 moves back and forth in 5 years. Now the 11th move this summer into Erick's place, then potentially the 12th move at the end of the summer into a new place in Oakville.

I can't wait until this phase in my life is over.

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