Monday, May 25, 2009

Drawn on wallpaper

I might have to do this at Erick's new place. Or any place for that matter! This was done by Kellie, though I can't remember where I saw it linked from. She basically just drew an awesome pattern on her wall with a gold paint pen, and voila! It looks amazing! And It only used up two pens, so its a pretty cheap, easy, and fast way to create some awesome looking walls. I'm uber excited.

Speaking of uber excited, I bought this awesome cantilevered floor lamp for Erick's apartment at Value Village today! For 50% off! It was 13 bucks in the end. We saw it yesterday, but it has just been dropped off, so it hadn't been priced yet. We called this morning at 7am (after a flat tire adventure at the Go station, ungh), and they said they'd hold it. So nice of them! 

Its sort of a smaller version of the typical one you often see in vintage furniture shops...sort of a cross between this.....

...and this.....
Sort of...but slightly less chic and slightly more authentically vintage looking. I.e. older looking. The shade is a plastic off white half circle dome in mint condition, and it has a metal arm thing, and metal base that is full of cement. It was awkward to get out of the store, to say the least.

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