Friday, May 29, 2009

Laundromat Cafe

Now, I have never lived somewhere where I needed to leave the building to do laundry, but if I had to I would hope and pray that something like (or exactly the same as!!) this Laundromat Cafe would be nearby. What an ingenius idea!!!! Its an amazing cafe in the front, and a very nice laundromat in the back, located in Copenhagen. If I ever open a cafe (it is one of Erick's future to-do-it plans...), I think it would be an instant booming success if it was multitasking like this one. The cafe alone sounds awesome, it also has "wireless internet access, chess, yatzi, backgammon, over 4000 books, and a wide selection of magazines". Drool. Erick and I regularly go to My Dog Joe just to play checkers.


Meg said...

Love love love My Dog Joe.
Rumor has it they are opening a 2nd shop on James North.

Chloe Lees said...

When I was in New Orleans we went to a bar that had a laundromat in back - I too thought it ingenious :)

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