Friday, June 5, 2009

Peonies? Chocolate chip cookies? Lethal Weapon?

"Where's my ketchup?" That's what Erick's wondering, eating his eggs before going to work at 7am on our balcony. Those awesome peonies are from my uncle John and aunt Chris who were going to Paris for 2 weeks and had a garden full of blooming flowers that were going to go unappreciated. 

Its all fine and dandy dating a med student, but sometimes it's semi-stinky. E.g. this week Erick's been on call a lot (which means not coming home until noon the next day), and he's on call tonight, and Sunday night. STINKY! I need a job. I've had too much me time over the past month. Today I ran errands, went shopping (when I shouldn't have), read design blogs, made chocolate chip cookies, and now I'm watching Lethal Weapon on tv. Tomorrow, on Erick's post call day, we're going to back to Glenashton Drive, hopefully for the last time, to move the remaining stuff out (either into storage, or here). UNGH. I'm waiting to hear back about a sweet babysitting gig (babysitting a 15 month old girl Mon-Thurs, 8:30-5),  but it is conditional on the father getting a job that he was interviewed for earlier in the week. He said he'd know by today, but I haven't heard anything yet. So annoying. I'm tired of waiting to hear back about jobs. 

Let's not think about anymore. Let's just enjoy the peonies.

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