Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hillside 2009!

The Hillside musical festival was this past weekend. Amazing. The weather was rather inclement, but it was amazing all the same. Really great performances by the likes of Julie Doiran, Green Go, Ohbijou, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Wood Hands, Patrick Watson, and Final Fantasy (to name a few). And it was so muddy that we wound up taking off our shoes and squishing through it barefoot. Gross but fun. There was a huge storm when Final Fantasy was playing (one of the closing bands), and it was epic and amazing since the storm reached its peak (with a huge downpour, thunder and lightening) just as Owen Pallett (of Final Fantasy) reached the climax in the song. It was amazing. Everyone was in awe.

Anyhoo, in more music news, we're going to see St. Vincent on the 8th, so that should be awesome. We saw her 2 years ago, and she was great then. Then my brother's band, Saskatoon Guitar Destroyer, is playing next Wednesday at Rancho Relaxo, so I'll be checking him out in action for the first time. Should be interesting! I find it amusing and cool that my little bro seems to be having some success with his band. They've been playing pretty regularly, in TO, and Guelph, and they had a good review in the Guelph Mercury. And I found them on CBC Radio 3! Neat-o!

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