Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hat 2. And Dorie Millerson.

So I made another hat. Its green, with a simple seed stitch. Its essentially the same hat as the yellow one, minus the wide ribs and plus the seed stitch. I like. I think I might go wacko and make a gajillion hats. Oh, and I am also in the process of knitting a pair of awesome mitts. I've finished one, and I'm just starting the other.

There's a double bonus reason that I'll probably be knitting a lot soon. I've decided (or it was sorta decided for me) that I'm going to stay in the Hammer with Erick and commute to school in Oakville! This is exciting cause I sorta kinda wanted to, but the old roomies wanted to live together again. But then plans changed, and now I'm staying here! And not only that, but we might actually be moving into the 2 bedroom apartment that is below us. We ran into the girls who were living there as they were moving their stuff out, and we asked if we could take a peak. Its way bigger, and our current place is quite tiny. Its fine for one person, but there is no room for my desk, or for me to do any serious crafting. There's also a severe lack of storage up here, and half of my stuff is still in a storage place in Oakville. So yeah, we're going to have a mini move soon! We're also considering the possibility of fostering a cat from the humane society.

Today was my second last day of work, and there is less and less for me to do. So I spent most of the afternoon just looking things up online. Turns out the teacher of the Textiles Investigations class I'm taking is someone who's work I've seen and admired before. Dorie Millerson does amazing 3D (and 2D) needlework that is so cool. 

I'm excited.


Kerri said...

Your hat is perfection!
I'm excited to have Dorie Millerson as a teacher as well, and if you're ever in need of a place to crash in Oakville, of course you're more than welcome to come and make use of our futon!

Kate Hunter said...

Merci merci! I think I'll probably be taking you up on that when it comes to crunch time. Or if you have a super rad party if course.

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