Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend we babysat Chili, the best wiener dog in the world! His owners were house hunting in Halifax, and we had the pleasure of taking him for walkies, cuddling him, smooshing him, etc. He was a very well behaved little chien.

Also, now that school is done, I'm resolving to take more pictures on a day to day basis. I feel like I've been slacking in that department, since I used to be quite the avid picture-taker. I keep doing things and wishing I had my camera on me. I think this is a thing that happens every spring, its hard to resist the desire to take pictures of all the gorgeous flowers blooming. I'm particularly obsessed with magnolias, as always. Anyhoo, tomorrow I'm going to go buy a small case for my SLR so that I can more freely (and safely) throw it in my purse.

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