Sunday, April 11, 2010

under pressure, doo doo doo

I've been slacking in the posting department since I'm in a mad rush to finish my final projects. This photo is from last semester, but it basically encapsulates where I am and what I'm doing most of the time these days. In the studio, sanding things. Or cutting pieces, mitering corners, gluing things, and often spending long periods of time staring at piles of plywood with a biscuit joiner in one hand, a calculator in the other, and a very confused look on my face. At least, that was what I was doing yesterday.

If I'm not in the shop, I'm embroidering. I was going to go into the studio again today, but I think I might pronounce today as an embroidery day. I have 1 week to finish everything.


katie said...

kate! i love the cross-stitch! i wanna see it.

Katherine Johana said...

oh wow thats crazy, well Im def glad your knitting box from last year taught you that cross stitch takes time haha this is very beautiful so far!!!!

Kate Hunter said...

merci beaucoup!

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