Friday, July 9, 2010

grandma's cookbook. and cats.

My grandma asked me to design the cover of a cookbook my uncle is putting together of all (or at least most of) the recipes she's collected over the years. She wants the book to be called either "Betty's Best" or "The Cat's Pajamas", and wanted a picture of a cat in pajamas on the front. The above drawing is what they're going to use. I'm not sure which title they went with, but now I've been asked to draw cats eating/making desserts for the dessert section of the book. Oh grandma!

Speaking of cats, we still haven't come up with a name for our new one. I'm bouncing back and forth between giving her a human name, or a food name. Pickles is a possibility. So is Mabel, Muffin (ate one today), Pesto (had some in my sandwich today), Minou, Molly, Josie, Bunny, and Nutmeg (after my old family cat). I'm bad at making decisions.


Kerri said...

Your cat drawing is wonderful! And having a family cookbook would be so nice.
I think the idea of naming your kitty "Bunny" is hilarious. I also really like Pesto (the sauce and the name), and Molly.

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks Kerri!
The short list of names is continually changing. Some friends have now suggested P.Kitty, and Notorious C.A.T. I'm not sure the cat is gangster enough for that.

Amy said...

Pesto Pesto - so good!

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