Wednesday, July 7, 2010

jack of all trades, master of none.

I don't think I'll be making anything like the above pieces by Swedish ceramicist Marianne Hallberg, but after seeing all the delftware in Amsterdam, I'm really drawn to simple blue and white ceramics right now. Neat-o!

My first pottery class at the Dundas Valley School of Art went great! I think its going to be a really fun course. Our teacher is good, and he gives a lesson every class, but you're allowed to do whatever you feel like. Some people were making stuff on the wheel, some were hand building, some were working on preexisting pieces. There are a number of people in the course who've taken it over and over again, so it seems to be quite popular. Its very relaxed and creative atmosphere. On my first try I shocked myself with my ability to centre and turn a pretty decent cylindrical vase/bowl on the wheel. Tres fun! I'm extra excited because at the cottage on the weekend my grandma said I could have all of her pottery tools, her molds, her wheel, and her kiln. Amazing. I'm going to need to live in the country with a giant barn to house my wood studio, textiles studio, and ceramics studio when I grow up. Ha. Grow up.

images found here, here, and here

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