Monday, July 19, 2010

pickles! inspired by pickle bean!

So I had a fun filled weekend. Went out with Erick's super nice new (and some old) colleagues on Friday night. Then went to Thornhill Saturday for a family bbq and to meet up with some friends we hadn't seen in forever. Excellent!
Then Sunday I went to the Aberfoyle Antique Market with Thea. I didn't get anything, but I seriously yearned for a number of things. Then the E-man and I looked at a half decent apartment. Reasonably priced, good location, cute, outdoor space, big dining room, etc. But how would you feel about a house heated only by 2 gas fireplaces...hmmm? Anyhoo, after that I went to a super awesome pickling party hosted by Hollie. Met some cool people and made a gajillion pickled beans and a bunch of dill pickles. Amazing! And enjoyed the company of Pickle Bean (first picture), the stray cat who looks exactly like our unnamed kitty. See Hollie's post for more pictures. Pickling parties are great.

p.s. new name options for cat: Bean (thanks for the inspiration Pickle Bean), Mustard, Curry, Oregano. Oh, and today was my first day of two weeks of summer art camp at the gallery. I surveyed a group of 7 year old girls for cat names. This is what they came up with: Cat Cat, Macaroni, Murphy, Plasticine, Meowy, Fuzzy, Jasmine. I told them I'd consider their suggestions. I like Murphy, but again, boy name.

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