Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mix tapes.

I just discovered 8tracks. It is an awesome site where people can upload their music and make mixes, and listen to other people's mixes. Its perfect for me right now cause I haven't been on the hunt for new music in awhile. Since school is about to start up again I feel the need to download a whole bunch of new stuff to update my ipod. I usually leave this job in the hands of Erick- he's the pro and we have essentially identical music taste. But he's busy now and I'm free free free! Too free actually. But yeah. MOOOOSIC!

And a post with no visual stuff is boring. So. Pomplamoose covering Telephone by Lady Gaga. J'aime Pomplamoose.

p.s. as soon as I live in my very own house (non rental), I am getting a piano. I miss being able to play whenever. My gr. 8 piano skills have probably dramatically deteriorated.


Courtney said...

Did you know that I'm Buttercup that you are following on 8tracks?

Kate Hunter said...

Yessiree! The site did that "search your gmail contacts" thing, and you were the one and only contact of mine who had an account. I like your tunes!

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