Friday, August 13, 2010

natural dying round one: goldenrod

step 1: gather as much flowering goldenrod as you can fit in your pot
step 2: soak it overnight
step 3: simmer it for 45 minutes
step 4: let dye bath cool then remove all plant material with a sieve

step 5: premordant your fabric in a pot of water with alum and cream of tartar

step 6: throw your fabric in the dye bath and simmer for 45 minutes

step 7: rinse your fabric until the water runs clear (or just take it for a swim in the lake)

step 8: admire your handiwork. dyed with goldenrod on the left, original colour of fabric on the right.

step 9: bring home a totebag full of sumac, then realize its full of tiny gross worms, throw it on the porch in a pot of water and hope the wormies run away. plot future dying days. specifically 3 days from now after the sumac soaks.


Hollie said...


Melanie said...

That is the most beautiful fabric I have seen! I might have to try this!!!

Thea haines said...

Lovely! Looks like fun (the lake part, especially). Just boil up that sumac. The worms will float to the top. It is pretty disgusting.
The pickle bee society should totally have a natural dye day!

Melanie said...

What kind of fabric did you use Kate?

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks girls! It was really fun, and doing it near a lake was very handy for washing the golden rod, rinsing the fabric, and cooling down after boiling up a storm in the hot kitchen.

I used 100% cotton fabric, the weight used for quilting. I'm going to also use a cotton/linen blend for the sumac dying.

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