Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a splendid podcast.

Lately my life has involved a lot of commuting on the GO train and the TTC. Hamilton to Oakville, Oakville to Toronto, Toronto to Thornhill, reverse and repeat. It's fine though, because I have my favourite podcast: The Splendid Table!

The Splendid Table is a weekly American radio show (produced by American Public Media) about food, hosted by Lynn Rossetto Kasper. Their tagline is "the radio show for people who love to eat". It is so excellent. The show focuses on food preparation, appreciation and culture, and features a diverse range of guests, and fun call in segments. I also enjoy "stump the cook", where a caller calls in with a list of 3-4 random ingredients they have in their kitchen, and Lynn has to come up with something edible they can make with said ingredients. It is great. I find myself sitting on the train with a growling stomach and major salivation occurring.

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