Friday, January 21, 2011

family photo friday: bored in '91

"Ros and Kate bored, '91"

A typical scene from my childhood. I'm sure we drove my mum nuts with the constantly repeated phrase: "Mommmm, I'm boooooored. There's nothing to dooooo!". Though looking back I feel like I had a pretty busy and and not very boring childhood. There was lots of playing outside with all the neighbourhood kids, skipping, tag, drawing elaborate scenes and roadways with chalk, setting up bike wash stations, awesome snow forts and snowball fights. Aah, nostalgic feelings taking over...

On another note, I FINALLY figured out my schedule for the semester. It's always confusing on some level since I went to U of Guelph before attending Sheridan and can often get advanced standing for some classes. Now it's additionally confusing since I switched programs. So I'm taking: sewing, dye and print 2, professional practices, expressive drawing, and surface design. With Wednesdays off! And I'll have Mondays off eventually as well since my sewing class is just half a semester long. Sweet.

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