Sunday, January 2, 2011

family photo friday/sunday. playmobil cake.

kate's 6th b'day cake

January is a month of birthdays. Me, my mum, my sister, and Erick are all January babes. According to the back of the photo, this was the cake from my 6th birthday party. How cool is it?? Playmobil people sitting on cupcakes eating off of playmobil plates on digestive cookie placemats with Barbie sized wineglasses and pop bottle!

My mum always made my cakes. I had a monkey cake, a doll cake, a merry-go-round circus cake...and many more. I think this may have been the year we (my sis, bro and I) got the awesome playmobil dollhouse for christmas. Now THAT was a great gift. It is still in my parents' basement.

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Chloe Lees said...

Holy crow, now that is a cake.

My younger sister also had the Playmobil dollhouse. My favourite thing about it was the piano that played Fur Elise!

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