Sunday, February 27, 2011

the registry challenge


Erick and I have been trying to put together a gift registry for the past couple of months. We are failing at it!! The thing is, we already have most household necessities since we've lived together for 2 years and haven't lived with our parents for a long time. But people have already started buying us things that we really don't need, and thus a registry is required.

We're trying to choose things that will be an upgrade on some of the basics we have already (e.g. flatware, pots and pans, etc). It's tough since we want things that we'll love forever and that will last forever. And we're very picky. Which makes putting together a functional registry located at only at a couple of stores very difficult. I'm thinking of maybe creating one of those online registries, where you can add anything that exists on the internet to it. I'm skeptical about how that would work logistically once people start trying to buy things off of it though.

ANYWAYS. That's my wedding issue right now. Not that I should complain, it's a pretty decent dilemma to have. We still need to figure out the whole officiant dealio too. Oh, and music needs to be addressed. Otherwise, we have the venue, photographer (hi Hollie!), caterer, flowers (hi mum!), and decorations (oh, hi me!).

Oh! The other day I did have the excellent thought of registering at Lee Valley for garden tools! I think that is a good idea that I'll follow through on.

all images from crate and barrel.


Meg said...

Hey Kate,

Have you heard of this? It was featured on Once Wed a while ago:

Amanda said...

I think that whatever you decide, this HAS to be on your list:

Think about it. When will you ever again have an excuse to own something so frivolous yet darling?

Kate Hunter said...

Meg: I hadn't heard of that! Thanks for the suggestion!

Amanda: I need that. STAT.

Dana said...

Hi Kate,

My name is Dana and I am the founder of Deposit a Gift. Congrats on your engagement! If there is anything we can do to help you, don't hesitate to reach out to me personally. dana [at] depositagift [dot] com Love that you're from Canada...I'm married to a Canadian!


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