Thursday, March 24, 2011

butternut squash risotto. yummo.

I feel like I'm lacking in super interesting things to post about right now. So I'll post about food. Erick and I have been in a food rut lately, making the same few things night after night. We have officially overdosed on soup. Specifically squash or potato based soups. We have a surplus of squash/potatoes/root vegetables from our CSA. No more soup! So yesterday I made this recipe for butternut squash risotto that my mum sent me. Except I added imported asparagus (forgive me, for I have sinned). And roasted all the veg together. There are only two pictures because the step that involved making the risotto also called for me to stir it constantly.

It was so good. So click on the link and go make some.


Amanda said...

Don't mind if I do! Yum yum yummy, that looks nice.
I'm getting real tired of toast for dinner, that's for sure.

Kate Hunter said...

Yay! Toast is boring.

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