Friday, March 18, 2011

family photo friday. great great aunt nan.

This wonderful weather makes me want to go outside and have fun doing silly things. Like these people!

My great great aunt Nan is on the far left in the first picture, and second from the left in the other one. If I have things straight, I believe she was my grandpa's aunt. Judging from these photos and others, she had a pretty fun and playful life. She never married, and was a strong independent woman from what I've heard. She had a number of dogs throughout her life, all named Tibby. And she lived to be 100 years old, long enough to see her first great great niece (me) born. She lived in a nice house near Yonge and Lawrence, and when she died she left a number of her wonderful heirlooms to my mum.

Aunt Nan and one of the Tibbies.


Amanda said...

Kate, that story is actually very inspirational. I have been thinking lately about old ladies who never married. Let me tell you something, Aunt Nan > Aunt Fran. It's nice to see that all spinsters don't end up in crappy old folks homes wearing adult diapers and being fed canned fruit salad by a Filipino nurse.

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks Amanda! I'm sure Aunt Fran had a good life before the nursing home. Not everyone is as lucky as Aunt Nan to live to a relatively healthy and lucid 100 years of age.

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