Friday, March 4, 2011

family photo friday: me

kate '91

Me, 1991.

I have a whole ton of newly scanned family photos, and some great slides from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. But alas, my Macbook Pro of 3 years (which they are on) decided to kick the bucket on Wednesday. I thought my Apple Care had expired, but thank god it hasn't! So luckily that will cover the cost of the $1400 piece that needs to be replaced. PHEW! And the hard drive is fine, so that's good. I do not have the moola to shell out for a new computer. In the meantime Erick will share his laptop with me.

Today we're off to spend the weekend at our friend Callum's family cabin/chalet/cottage in Ellicottville, NY. A weekend of skiiing/snowboarding! Little known fact: I used to teach snowboarding in high school. Mostly only to tiny children, so don't think that I'm super skilled. Because I'm not. Last time we hit the slopes was when we were at Callum's place last year, and it was amazing, there was at least 4 feet of fresh snow. Should be fun this year too, so long as it isn't raining!

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