Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pysanky eggs: an addictive craft

Instead of having our typical Beehive meeting at the Mulberry on Monday, we instead gathered at Hollie's house to make pysanky eggs! It was Anna's brilliant idea, and she'll be posting about it over at our Beehive blog next week, but I just couldn't help posting a picture of my eggs! It was so much fun, even when it turned out to be much more difficult than any of us anticipated. Every so often there would be some mild profanity as we worked away on our eggs. The tools we used had a tendency to drop out big blobs of wax unexpectedly, and it's tough to draw a smooth straight line.

Unfortunately I dropped one of my eggs ton the floor while transporting them to take this photo. That's why there's one lone cup. Poor egg. Poor rug also, egg on rug is not fun.


Kerri said...

Years ago, when my Grandpa moved into a retirement home, we went through all of his boxes (and boxes and boxes!) of, well, basically, his life, and came across dozens of Pysanky eggs that my grandmother had done while she was alive. They're so beautiful and intricate! Ever since, I wanted to make them, but, as with all holidays, Easter crafts were a no-no growing up.
But! You've inspired me! Maybe this year I'll finally do it!

p.s. I love your modern take on such a classic craft! Especially the arrows!

p.p.s. Sorry about all the commas!

Kate Hunter said...

You should do it. it is so fun, and totally addicting!!!

It must have been so neat finding those eggs, like finding buried treasure.

No worries about the commas, I'm an over user of commas as well.

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