Sunday, March 27, 2011

signs of spring: a seedy saturday at the dining room table.

On Saturday, Erick and I paid a visit to William Dam Seeds in Flamborough to pick up a few more packets of seeds, some soil, and peat pots. Neither of us had ever started seeds indoors before, so it was an exciting adventure. Dam Seeds is great, I wanted to buy everything! Flowers and vegetables alike! I'm looking forward to the day we have our own home and free reign of the garden.

We have a bunch of seeds already, but we picked up some more tomato and lettuce seeds, as well as more zinnia and craspedia seeds for the wedding. My mum already started some, but I wanted to get some more to be safe. Better too many than too few!

I'm insanely excited for this summer for so many reasons. Wedding prep (fun for me)! Cottage weekends! Biking around the city! Beehive crafty adventures! Picnics! Canning! Wedding! Honeymoon! And a new endeavor: farming!!! We were invited to participate in a super awesome community farming intiative that has been going on just north of Hamilton for the past couple of years. Jane and Hollie have blogged about it on Love It A Lot a fair bit. Gary's parents have a stall at the farmer's market, and a farm near Waterdown. A group of awesome young Hamiltonians have been sharing the work involved in growing food there. They go when they can to plant the seeds, weed, harvest, etc. In exchange for the work, everyone can bring home veggies to eat and preserve. The remaining produce is sold at the farmer's market or at pop-up markets at Art Crawls. This year there are going to be beehives too! And adventures with new crops.

I'm so so SO excited!


thea said...

I too have difficulty restraining myself at Dam Seeds. We should make a Beehive trip there and blog about it!

Kate Hunter said...

Agree! We need a trip.

Did you see the March issue of Martha? I left it at my parents' house so I don't have the details on me, but there was a spread about a beautiful vegetable/flower garden with a ridiculously amazing chicken coop and chickens hanging out in the middle of the whole thing. It was a dream! Anyways, that's my goal in life, to have a garden like that (incl. chickens). Then I can go crazy at Dam Seeds.

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