Thursday, April 28, 2011

april showers.

This is about all the gardening I've been able to do so far, what with school being busy and all the wet weather we've been having. I planted some ranunculi, pansies, and lettuce in the containers on our deck.

Since Erick is post-call today (and actually got some sleep last night) I was really hoping we could start working on this section of the garden today:

Unfortunately it is super windy, and raining, so I don't know if we'll be able to. This area is essentially the only reliably sunny spot in our backyard. We're planning on doubling the size of that little plot and growing some vegetables and maybe some zinna or craspedia. While they aren't visible, there are bricks stuck solidly in the ground along the border of the current garden, so we'll need to dig those out, then dig up the grass in rows, and flip it upside down so the grass dies, but we don't lose much top soil...that's what was suggested to us anyways. Then add some more soil and manure and whatnot...then plant! I have zero experience working on a garden from the beginning of a season to the end of one, so fingers crossed that all things go at least somewhat according to plan!


jenna rose said...

I just picked up a book called 'all new square foot gardening'. It's great if you only want to plant a few things in limited space. It also walks you through planting and harvesting just about everything you would want in a backyard garden. Everything is really clearly laid out for beginner gardeners. Unfortunately I don't think I get enough sun where I was going to start my garden... now I am considering doing it on our roof!

Kate Hunter said...

Yeah, I've seen that book suggested a few times online. And after you mentioned it here I bought it as well! It seems very useful. I'll no longer need to call my mum every time I have a gardening question!

Too bad you don't have much sun. We barely have any, but do have just enough for that one patch of garden. Good luck with the roof! That'll take some major logistical planning, but could be super cool if it is do-able.

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