Monday, April 11, 2011

a busy bee!

Just over one more week of school left! This week will be a mad dash to finish a number of assignments.

Oh, I don't think I mentioned this here yet: for my last dye and print project we had to propose an idea for a large wall hanging be located in a modern open concept stairwell at the new Sheridan campus that is opening in Mississauga. Everyone in the class came up with a concept, samples, and a presentation board to show their intended idea. On the day of our critique, a panel of judges came in to decide which student would be commissioned to create their idea in full scale for the space. And guess who was chosen? MOI! My idea was to create a large (i.e. 5 by 23 feet) "living wall" (aka green wall, or vertical garden) which will be composed of varying sized panels of green designer felt and many MANY knit leaves and flowers (eventually I'll post a photo so you have a better idea of what it will look like). Anyways, now that I've won I've got a lot of knitting to do once school ends. Lots. In addition to the continued wedding planning/decoration making, Beehive events, farming, etc. I'm going to be bee-sy! Buzzing with activity! A genuine certified worker bee!


carly said...

so cool! your knit night creation looks amazing!

Kate Hunter said...

thanks! if you're there again this week you'll definitely be seeing more of it, since the entire project is due the following Tuesday! knit night is an excellent place to get crafty homework done.

katie said...

i'm excited to see this embroidery! it looks beautiful.
and i'm liking the looks of the wedding invite/save the date design!

Kate Hunter said...

thanks Katie! i like the idea i have for the project, hopefully it comes out nicely.

and coming up with invitation designs is super fun!

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