Monday, April 18, 2011


It was the last weekend of the school year. I'm done on Thursday.

1. The zinnia and tomato seedlings are up.
3. Sookie confused by the falling snow. It's spring for goodness sake! Just stop already.
4. A roast chicken for dinner. Chicken soup all weekend.
5. I normally only buy berries when they're in season. But this winter had been too long. I gave in, and had some with my breakfast.
6. Homework galore.


oktooca said...

YUM to all of that food. i wish my weekend had been as relaxing as yours!

Kate Hunter said...

Merci! Well my weekend may have been relaxing (somewhat, there was schoolwork involved), but your weekend sounds like it was exciting (from what I gathered from your blog)!

jenna rose said...

i would love to see close ups of those embroidery hoops you've been working on.
hope your last week of class wraps up nicely.

Chloe Lees said...

I second Jenna's comment! They look fantastic.

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks! They're at school right now and will be there until next Saturday, but I'll definitely take some photos and post them here as soon as I have a chance. I was pretty pleased with that project.

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