Monday, June 6, 2011

my weekend, by my iphone.

Saturday: slept in a tad too late, then as we left the house in search of garage sales it started pouring rain. Went to the Ottawa Street market in the torrential downpour and bought some rhubarb, asparagus, and carrots. Then we went to Detour for lunch. Mmm, macaroni and cheese, homemade burger, raspberry lemonade, then some coffee and this delicious carrot cake for dessert.

Buskerfest was happening in Dundas while we were there, so we watched some performances. Then we came home, installed a new clothesline (yay!), and had a delicious cobb salad for dinner that included freshly picked lettuce from our garden. The first thing we've eaten from it this summer! Yum.

Sunday: co-ed bridal shower at my aunt and uncles' house in Oakville. My uncle John collects vintage cars (he has around 12, mostly Citro├źns). He decorated his Morris Minor for the shower, it was tres cute. My aunt Linda made tons of delicious food, and Erick's family met my medium sized extended family. Very nice.

I should really make more of an effort to bring my camera around with me on weekends. Iphone photos will have to suffice this time.

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