Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sweet relief.

I received the best news yesterday: the deadline for the knit vertical garden wall hanging that I've been working on (and stressing about) has been extended to October/November!!! AMAZING. The original deadline was the end of August, which was going to be cutting it extremely close. I really wasn't sure that I'd be able to finish it on time. But because of the logistics of hanging it, the powers that be decided that installation should occur at the same time that they're putting up a giant glass mobile piece. That way they can use the same equipment and trained professionals for both.

PHEW! My stress level has lowered significantly. Being up at the cottage for the week also helps. Now I can focus more on wedding planning and business planning.

The above photos are from Monday, when I finally got the 4 yards of 5mm thick designer felt required for the hanging. With the help of Erick I got it all cut up in the textile studio at Sheridan. Progress.


katie said...

thats so great that they extended it! can't wait to see more pictures!

Amanda said...

Well that is what I call pure, glorious luck. Everything is coming up Kate!

Kate Hunter said...

Indeed, I am so lucky. And so happy!

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