Monday, July 25, 2011

busy bees!

A couple of week ago, the lovely ladies of The Beehive got together and arranged a beeswax candle making party for me in honour my upcoming wedding! Candles for the tables at the wedding! So thoughtful and sweet. They got two huge chunks of beeswax from the Dundas farmer's market, candle making supplies (wicking etc), and mason jars, and we all gathered together at Hollie's house for the fun event.

The hardest part of the entire process was breaking up the huge blocks of wax. They'd been in Jenna's car for a day or two, and had gotten soft and sticky. First we tried using a handsaw to cut it up - a complete fail as the teeth gummed up immediately. Then Mike came to the rescue with a chisel and hammer, which worked much better. We eventually discovered that freezing the beeswax so that it's hard and brittle is the best way to prepare it before trying to break it up.

Big chunks of beeswax! Smaller chunks work best though, so we broke these ones down even more.

Hollie's cat Tanooki was intrigued by the whole process. At least he was until he fell asleep.

For each jar we tied the wicking to a pipe cleaner to keep it centred and taut.

(Oh, and a Beehive meeting isn't complete without tasty drinks and food! Especially when they're custard tarts from Ola's and strawberry lemonade made by Hollie!)

It took the whole evening to get most of the jars half full (melting wax is a slow process), so we finished the second half at our meeting the following week.

I'm super excited to have these adorable candles on the tables at the wedding. They smell so good, are super cute, and match all my other yellow decor. Thanks girls, you're the best!

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