Wednesday, July 20, 2011

in the garden

Our first summer with a vegetable garden, and I'm loving it.

Sweet potato plant, hanging out in a pot. I didn't trust it to not sprawl all over the garden.


I can't wait until these tomatoes are ready to eat! Since this heat wave started I've been craving toasted tomato sandwiches. So simple, so delicious.



An onion flower, about to bloom.

The neighbour's grape vine is trespassing quite significantly on our backyard. If those grapes turn out extra tasty, I won't mind.

And the one lone craspedia bloom from my patch of 30ish craspedia plants. I seriously doubt they'll be ready for the wedding, so we ordered some in at a flower shop.

Last night I was in Thornhill meeting with my mum and her florist friend to discuss flowers. There aren't quite as many zinnias as we'd hoped, so we'll be using almost anything that's pretty from my mum's garden in addition to the planned flowers. My aunt Cheryl kindly grew some zinnias too (hopefully they're doing alright), and is also offering anything from her garden (e.g. asters, crocosmia, daisies). So that's great! I'm both nervous and excited to see how the flowers turn out. Only 10 more days!!!!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Can you eat those grapes? My mom has a grape vine but the grapes on it are definitely not edible. Unless you're a bird. You could make some vino maybe?

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