Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we're married!!!

cake and flowers


It was an amazing day!! Actually the best day ever. Absolutely perfect. We were so happy to spend it with wonderful friends and family, the food was delicious, everyone was amazing, and we had a super fun dance party to wrap it all up!!! Yay marriage!

I've barely seen any pictures of the actual day, but I do have these photos from the day before when we decorated the barn. All those flowers are from my mum's garden, my aunt's garden, and a very generous amish lady's garden! The milk glass is a collection of mine, my mum's and my aunt's. Oh, and I made my own wedding cake! Mildly stressful, but totally worth it.

Now we're off to my aunt and uncle's cottage in New Brunswick for a week! Solar and propane powered, accessed only by a fire road. Should be awesome!!

I can't wait to see the pictures that Hollie took!


Melanie said...

Beautiful wedding decor! Can I ask where you found your strand lights? My girlfriend is looking everywhere for them for her wedding and not having any luck.

Chloe Lees said...

Congrats! The decor is lovely :)

Danielle said...

Looks soso lovely- congrats! Have fun roughin' it in NB :)

Amanda said...

It was the best day ever! I'm still in awe of how perfect everything was.

And I had no idea those pictures were taken of me!

Have a lovely honeymoon :)

Kate Hunter said...

thanks everyone!! it was super.

and Mel, the lights were from partylights.com. I couldn't find any place local selling them, and that's where Hollie got hers as well.

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