Friday, September 30, 2011

family photo friday: a retro chinese dinner.


1967.  A McCulloch family dinner. According to my mum, this is "an unprecedented supper at Sai Woo; a 'real' chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Trisha was about to go to Neuchatel - a farewell supper". My mum and all her sisters went to Neuchatel Junior College in Switzerland for a year before going to University. My aunt Trisha (in blue) was the first to go. Then my mum (in yellow on the right), then my aunt Margo (the little girl on the left). I almost went too, but opted not to.

I wish all Chinese restaurants had awesome flocked damask wallpaper like that.


Amanda said...

Is that your Uncle Bobby on the left? Your brother really looks a lot like him. Not hugely, but definitely see the resemblance.

I also saw a hipster today riding his bike who reminded me of Will. Maybe it was him?...

Kate Hunter said...

It is indeed my uncle Bobby. Will definitely resembles him.

And it could have be him on the bike, but unlikely. York keeps him uptown most days.

Also, when you posted this comment I was checking in on YOUR blog. COINCIDENCE!

Amanda said...

Aw, too bad I have nothing interesting to post these days!

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