Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Amanda's cute apartment!
I had a nice extra long weekend. On Thursday I met my mum and grandma for sushi in Toronto. Then I spent Friday with Amanda. We had a day of doing what we used to do most weekends in high school - met up at the Eaton's centre and went shopping! Haven't done that in AGES. Though we spent little time actually at the Eaton Centre. I think we're both completely over malls. Then we walked to her place on Palmerston and College, Erick joined us, and we had a lovely evening of dinner and drinks with friends. On Saturday we went to the cottage and stayed up there until Monday.

These are some of the GIGANTIC melons that Amanda's Chinese landlord has growing in the backyard. They're pretty impressive.

p.s. Today is Amanda's birthday!! Happy birthday Amanda!


Martini said...

Saw your story in the Spectator. Loved your photos.... went all the way back to the bit about your uncle and his Citroens. Every time I see one, I have a mini freakout. The DS is my fav. I wonder, when I've seen a Citroen, if it was your uncle. Sadly, I'm only able to accommodate one collector car as it's all my single garage will hold.

Amanda said...

Thanks Kate!!! Yummm that melon looks tasty ;)

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