Thursday, October 27, 2011

bulbs galore

I used to work at Garden Import during school breaks when I was in high school. My mum worked there and it was a pretty handy and sweet part time job. I'd either be in the garden watering plants and moving things around, or inside packing away bulbs and seeds with amazing names. On Tuesday we received a box full of bulbs from Dugald and Lynn, the owners of the company. So nice! Tulips and crocuses and narcissus and alliums! I'm super excited to plant these bulbs. Especially since our landlord just gave us the go ahead to do whatever we want with the front yard. YAY! Now we just need to make some time to do it. ASAP! Before the ground freezes.

1 comment:

roisin said...

we have Ted's uncles great old garden tools, you could have a 'garden party' and we'll bring them over, I'm feeling farm withdrawl...

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