Monday, October 17, 2011

pies and cats and embroidery

Still haven't located my camera's battery charger...

On Friday it was art crawl, and also a pie competition in celebration of Roisin's birthday. Amazing! I made a banana cream pie and Erick made an apple pie. It was his first (and according to him, his last) pie ever, and it was pretty delish!

10 pies were submitted in total, and there were 10 winners! Yeah, all the pies were pretty amazing. They smelled and tasted so good. Those are Ted's gourmet pies that Liz is sniffing. The tall one was duck, brandied pears, and caramelized onions, and the one beside it contained roasted golden beets, sour apples, caramelized onions, and smoked ham hocks in cheddar mornay sauce. That one was my absolute favourite. It was to die for! Roisin, you're one lucky gal.

There were 2 apple pies, a pumpkin pie, Gary's poutine pie, a deep dish pizza pie, a chocolate cream pie, and a number of other delicious pastry wrapped desserts. Everyone who contributed brought home a pound of Stirling butter, which is considered one of the top 30 butters in the world! Fact.

That was the exciting part of my weekend. The remaining days were spent inside embroidering and knitting non stop, and watching movies/shows on Netflix, or listening to podcasts. I left the house 3 times: once to drop Erick off at work, once to pick him up, and once to go for a walk in the lovely windy weather.
Now back to knitting and Manhattan. 


katie said...

sounds like an awesome birthday celebration! woulda loved to have tasted Ted's pies! first time i was over at Roisin's old place Ted was making chicken stock, and it smelt sooo good!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness! A pie competition for your birthday has to be the best present EVER! They look SO good. Even though I love baking and love pies, I've never tried to make one. They seem so intimidating for some reason. Maybe this is my year.

Your embroidery is looking gorgeous as well. What is it you're making on the left?

Kate Hunter said...

Definitely one of the best birthday events ever. Pie > cake. So delicious. I've only ever made a couple of peach pies, so making a banana cream pie was an adventure. But it's really not that difficult! Just planning in advance is key.

I have an embroidery project for school where we have to create 6-9 embroidered elements of something fashion/clothing related. So I'm making a dress and maybe a couple of shirts and embroidering details on them. The embroidery pictured it for a pocket. It's fun!

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