Thursday, December 1, 2011

jenna rose at OOAK

It has been One of a Kind Show busy this week! Every day I've been at Jenna's booth selling her beautiful wares. Oh, and going to school and planning a business as well. And knitting a lot. And eating lots of meals out of tupperware.

Jenna has some really great customers, many of which come back every year and already own some of her products. It's great when people come in and say "Oh, I have that treehouse pillow! And that blanket! I just love Jenna Rose!". As they should. Jenna's stuff is AMAZING! I want everything.

If you're looking to do some Christmas shopping, the OOAK show goes until this Sunday! And tonight is the super late night shopping event, where the show is open until 11pm. I'll be there.

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