Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hexipuffs and hexiflats!

I've been in serious hexagon mode lately. I've been working on making The Beekeeper's knit quilt with scrap sock yarn. Hexipuffs are so fun to knit! I was going to knit a sweater over the break, but instead I knit hexipuffs. 

A few weeks after I started with the hexipuffs, a future Needlework customer expressed interest in English paper piecing classes, so I decided to investigate that as well. More hexagons! Except I call these guys hexiflats. I'm using random scraps of light weight cotton to make them. I realized going through all my fabric that my "stash" of quilting cottons is very limited. Sort of ironic, considering I'm opening a fabric shop. That is definitely going to change soon. We have SO MANY amazing fabrics coming in! Yay! Anyways, Meg is going to do a Beehive post soon about what us Bees are up to, and she'll be saying some more about this over there. Oh, and speaking of the Beehive, one year ago today the Beehive Craft Collective formed! Such an amazing group to be a part of. I'm very excited for our second year of crafting, making, and community adventures.


katie said...

looks cute! can't wait to see more!

Amanda said...

Oooo I want a hexipuff quilt! Do you think this is something I could realistically do/have the patience for (knowing me)?

Chloe Lees said...

Both of these projects are fantastic!

I'm really loving the idea of the paper piecing, and have been wanting to make a small, quilted piece for the middle of my dining table - this will be perfect!

Stephanie said...

Its all your fault. I am addicted to these hexagons. What I need to know is what is your strategy for connecting them? I do 7 hex flowers and then attach the bigger pieces together. But I've seen some people just attach them one at a time. What do you prefer? How do you stay motivation to sew them all together. Inquiring minds need to know.


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