Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things that happened today

1. I brought the homemade cupcakes that I made last night to school (with chocolate coffee buttercream icing and whopper eggs)
2. We talked about our chair models, ergonomics of chair design, upholstery
3. We had the gallery opening, everything looked good, my cupcakes were gone instantaneously
4. Worked on my template for my chair's back/leg
5. Was informed by Jon that there was a lady at the show from Design Exchange who might want to put my table in her store! She wants to buy Jon's table.
5. Played hackie sack in the hall
6. Waited for Erick to pick me up at 6:30pm
7. Erick called at 6:30 to inform me he'd overslept on his nap
8. Was also informed that we got an email from our landlord who is KICKING US OUT because he wants to move into our house with his new wife in June. WTF?!?!
9. Informed Nikki and Lauren (they're pissed)
10. Erick stayed in Hamilton for guys night out instead of Kate night in
11. My 8/4'' poplar lumber split overnight. I cut off the split end, machined it down, and it split again in the thickness planer
12. Threw in the towel and stomped all the way home
13. Had macaroni and cheese a 9pm
14. Watched Ace of Cakes and looked for a) housing for Erick b) summer housing for me c) Oakville housing for me

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