Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creeping Jenny

I saw this hanging pot on Nicole's well known blog, Making It Lovely. It is hanging on her recently redone porch, and I think it looks great. I really want to recreate something similar to hang in our kitchen window. Erick and I went to a nursery in search of the green trailing plant in the arrangement yesterday, and I couldn't find it anywhere. Of course, I get home, email my mum asking what it is, and she responds "Hahaha, its Creeping Jenny!!". This was hilarious to her because I should really have known that as it was one of the super popular plants at Canada Blooms a few years ago. I happened to be working for Garden Import that March Break at the show, and EVERYONE asked about Creeping Jenny. Its one of the plants that is in my botanical vocab. Ah well.
We also went to Ikea (for the trillionth time in the past few weeks) and bought this fabric to use as curtains in the kitchen. I've been aching to make curtains for the large-ish window that we have in there since it faces onto the street and many neighbours, and I feel like I'm in a fish bowl at night time. I like cheery patterns and colours in kitchens, so I figure that once we paint the cabinets the pale grey that we got (mis tint!!) this fabric would fit nicely. Woohoo!

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