Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ontario strawberries please.

I made this strawberry shortcake last summer, and boy was it DELISH! Strawberry shortcake with fresh Ontario strawberries is probably one of my favourite desserts. Along with my mum's strawberry rhubarb pie and my grandma's blueberry glazed pie. Drool.

Anyhoo, I'm on the topic of food because I went to the Hamilton Farmer's Market today, and it was the first time I've been on a weekday. We usually just go on Saturdays. I was afraid it might not be as good on weekdays as it is on Saturdays, but it was! It was just as excellent. I bought a ton of rhubarb (which I chopped up and put in a freezer bag to save for later, when it goes out of season), a homemade delicious brownie, and the first Ontario strawberries of the season!! I was so excited when I saw the little old lady who was selling them! They were definitely a little pricier than they will be, but they're so worth it. I was going to make strawberry shortcake, but then decided that we'll just have strawberries and whipped cream. We can live without the biscuits this time (I did have a relatively large brownie already today, after all).

Erick and I missed out on strawberry picking last summer, but I fully intend to make sure we go this time around.

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