Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home town

I'm T-hill right now, killing time on the internet while Erick plays mah-jong with his grandparents and dad. We met up with his entire family for brunch at Kalendar on College St this morning. We went out to celebrate both his sister's birthday, and the fact that she's leaving for Halifax this Thursday to start her first year of med school at Dalhousie. Good for her! Brunch was so delicious I had eggs napoleon, which I've never had before, but was SOOO GOOD. Their version was an open faced croissant with spinach, then smoked salmon, onions, and poached eggs, with a sour creamy dill sauce on top. It was to die for. I might have to recreate it myself sometime soon.

Anyhoo, what is up with me? I've been knitting a scarf in a basket weave pattern with this mustard coloured yarn that I got for cheap at Value Village the other day. The yarn was in a bag labelled "THE ONE POUNDER" and it is huge!! I've barely made a dent in it and I'm almonst done the scarf. I think I'll make a hat next. The last time I knit a hat was in gr. 11, and it sucked. I did knit some mitts back then as well, and they turned out well. Maybe I'll make some mitts too. I'll be decked in mustard yellow from head to toe when winter rolls in.

Here are some hats from Ravelry:

I've been meaning to make one like this for Erick. It looks easy, so I'll probably try it out first.

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