Thursday, August 20, 2009

Someone else's trash = my treasure.

On Tuesday afternoon my supervisor and colleague and I decided to take a non-work related field trip to this junk yard south of Hamilton. My supervisor frequents it to collect material for her assemblage sculptures. And in short, it is an AMAZING place. There are a dozen or so abandoned school buses, shipping containers, and sheds, packed with awesome junk (aka treasure). Each bus/container/shed has a theme (e.g. lighting, signs, glass bottles, doors, etc, etc). I came home with a load of letters and numbers, a bunch of mason jars (for tea lights), and a lamp.

Inside a bus.

Some of the letters I brought home.

A cute little cardinal hiding in the corner of a bus.



Lamp that I found. $5.

The end.


Kerri said...

i. I saw your junkyard pictures on FB, they are amazing! And the sky was perfect for your photoshoot!
ii. That lamp is wonderful, and so you! Great find!
iii. I can't wait to see you: eighteen days until school starts!

Kate Hunter said...

OMG. I did not realize it was only 18 days. Nutso! I'm excited for next Wednesday and our schedules being posted.

Hollie said...

this is amazing! where in Hamilton is this?

Kate Hunter said...

Its called Triple M something or other (proabably junk yard?), and its near Binbrook...or Dunnville...or both. I can't for the life of me find it online, so I don't know exactly where it was. It is amazing though.

Meg said...

This is amazing! I want to got there! I did some googling, but not sure if I've found it. Is it this place?

jenna rose said...

hello. I found you through love it a lot. This place looks great! I'm definitely going to go check it out. It would make a great place for a fashion photoshoot!

Kate Hunter said...

Yes Meg, that's it!! You win, I'm glad you found that, cause I couldn't find it online and didn't have the exact address anymore.

And Jenna, it is AMAZING! I'd definitely go when it warms up though. It was great in the summer.

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