Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hans Wegner.

I am an avid procrastinator. I have to leave for school in about an hour, and I need to finish my power point presentation on Hans Wegner that is due this afternoon, but here I am posting on my blog. Oh woe is moi.

I actually stayed up late last night working on this presentation, and last night my dreams were furnished with Hans Wegner chairs. I wish that was real life! Wegner was one of the most influential and prolific Danish furniture designers who made mid century Danish design popular internationally. He's often regarded as the "master of the chair", with more than 500 chair designs to his name. Impressive!

Some of my personal faves:

The Ox Chair

"The Chair", aka Round chair, aka one of his most popular and well known designs

Three-legged Shell Chair. I'd take this chair anyday!

Valet Chair
And one that I WILL own as soon as I can afford to, Papa Bear chair. <3

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