Monday, September 21, 2009

Brain pain

My brain hurts from having too many things to do. Or maybe its the rain. Something is giving me a headache either way.

We finally got everything moved to apartment 1 on Saturday night. That's one major sigh of relief! Now we just need to get everything reorganized. And I need to make 2 sets of curtains (and alter another one). And design a stool today. And design a felt non-traditional body accessory by Thursday. And make a slide show on behalf of my classmates of all of our completed projects to show at the party our program head is holding on Friday. And do research on and come up with a presentation on Hans Wegner by next Wednesday. Oh, and do a dumb digital design assignment for Thursday. And and and. Brain pain.

I took 2 crappy photos of our apartment the other day:

The living room. The wonderful things about this apartment is that we have a big(ish) living room as well as a huge office/study/studio. It is the best. So one room can stay nice looking and organized, while the other can get creative and messy. Joy!

The kitchen! We painted the cabinets blue, the same mis tint blue that we painted apartment 2's fireplace. And our pepper mill. They used to be uggy orange-y stained pine with lots of grimy looking sections. Now its clean looking. I taped off that rectangle on the door to paint a chalkboard on to it, so we can write down things we need, notes, etc. I also found this AWESOME  frame at the side of the road last night, with only a piece of masonite in it, so that is going to be perfect for me to make another framed chalkboard for above my desk to write school to-do things on. 

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