Thursday, December 31, 2009


Its raining and its new years eve day. What better a time to try to squeeze one post into December.

So the holidays are almost over, and they've left a whirlwind of disorder (see above photo). I've just finally finished up with my obligatory family activities. I've had no time to be creative on my own. Being at my parent's place doesn't help. Tonight for New Years eve we're going to Tranzac then zzing over at my friend's apartment in TO. Then tomorrow is my early birthday dinner, then Saturday Erick and I are going to Ottawa. He's doing a 3 week elective there, and I'll be there until the end of next week. Its going to be cold!

Anyhoo, here are some not so professional photos of my silly stools I did way back when:

Naked stool, not glued together yet.

Felted stool.

Knit stool.

The seats of both the stools are still unresolved. The end. Happy New Year!


Amanda West said...

Ah! That is so cool. I love those colors! The chair looks so cute. I wish I had the crafty talent... :)

Fenke said...

i really like the knitted chair, colour- and texturewise. is it meant to be a barchair or does it just have a very low back?

Kate Hunter said...

Thanks! Yeah, its meant to be a bar stool. The assignment was to design and make barstools, so I decided to play around with it and go nuts with knitting/felting.

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