Thursday, January 28, 2010

midweek weekend

I have today off! Dye chemistry was cancelled for some reason or other. And I had yesterday off as I always do. So I'm having a midweek weekend! Yesterday was great since Erick is off this week and next week for interviews, so we got to go to the Harbour Diner for lunch, then wander Locke St.

Erick's in London today for his Western interview, then Calgary Friday and Saturday, then Vancouver until Wednesday. And then Halifax the following week. I'm jealous! I did consider missing some school to go to Vancouver with him, then decided that probably would be a silly thing to do.

I've been embroidering as fast as I can, trying to finish a quilt square for a quilt that Ontario's Greenbelt is putting together to celebrate their 5th anniversary. The due date for submission snuck up really fast, and its tomorrow! So if I want to get it there on time, I need to finish it today, and express post it probably before 5pm tonight. Good thing I got the day off and am home alone!

Also, even though I should be non-stop working on the quilt square today, I have been procrastinating by reading Jenny Gordy's blog Wiksten. Addictive to read and inspirational! My new craft goal is to make this skirt:

The pattern is Jenny's, and it was published in Stitch magazine in Fall 2008. I may or may not have just bought that issue online so I could get my hands on the pattern. The skirt is perfect! And once I get and figure out the pattern, I'll be able to make as many as I want!

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Chloe Lees said...

That is a perfect skirt!
My sewing goal is to be able to make a-line skirts, then I'll never have to buy a skirt again ;)
I hope to see your own version of that one:)

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