Saturday, January 23, 2010


I bought this pretty vintage dress at White Elephant today. I saw it on their Etsy shop, then asked if I could see it in person at their store. I need a dress for a wedding in the spring, and I think this will be perfect!

Also, I took some photobooth photos of me sporting my new hairband:

I'm strong like bull.

The Toronto Interior Design Show was this weekend. I went yesterday. It was fine and dandy. There's always a mix of interesting independent design, cool materials, ideas, etc., then a chunk of high end, over the top, super consumerist stuff. Its exhausting going through it all. I was dumb and didn't bring my camera, but I did grab business of cards from the people who had cool things, so perhaps I'll post some of those cool things later.

I was going to go to Come Up to My Room at the Gladstone afterwards, but I wound up meeting with a friend, getting sidetracked by Anthropologie in Yorkville, then went to Pusateri's to get some fancy olive oil for Erick's b'day present. Then we went to Mother's Dumpling's for dinner with some Guelph alums. Now Erick's home from Ottawa. Yay!


Kerri said...

Fun! I love the hairband! And the dress is beautiful.
I didn't make it to IDS, but I went to Come up to my Room (and Renegade Dark) this afternoon; it was insane! So many people, I felt like I couldn't really appreciate it as much as I could have. And I think last year's exhibit was better anyway.

Jocelyn said...

Dear Kate,
We miss your face around here! Stop by for a visit. Stumbling across your blog is just not enough for us.
With love,
Jocelyn and your friends at the Gallery.

Kate Hunter said...

Haha, awesome! Hi Jocelyn! I keep meaning to drop by (I may or may not still have my security card), but I usually think of it when I'm lying in bed, then wake up the next day, get busy with school, and forget. FYI, I've made 7 pairs of the honeycomb mittens. And passed the pattern on.

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