Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'll have my cake and eat it too please.

I'm drinking wine and making these cookies. I've sampled the batter repeatedly and eaten two of the final products. They're delicious, but I'm cutting myself off now. A bunch of us are heading to a friend's cabin in Ellicottville NY for a weekend of skiing/snowboarding, and the cookies are my food contribution.

I really want to host a pretty party. I like planning, decorating, and making food. I really want to make a pretty cake. Especially after seeing these pictures at Make Something. I'm thinking Erick and I should throw a party and call it our birthday party. Both of our birthdays are in early January and we never really ever celebrate either of them with a party. Now is as good a time as any.

Speaking of Erick (as I often do), he submitted his ranking order of schools for residency today. In fact, he woke me up around 7am to re-discuss (for the zillionth time) the order. Now its in, and we find out March 8th where he (and I) will be for the next 3 years (minimum). We have a feeling we know where we'll be (hmm, a place that starts with H and ends with N), but you can never be sure. Oh the suspense!

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